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Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials, Bremen,

Going hybrid, going smart: Advanced Lightweight Design and Material solutions for industrial applications

Professor David TAYLOR

Trinity College, Dublin,

“Principles of Machine Design Applied to the Study of Living Organisms”
Living organisms such as trees, insects and the human body have evolved materials and structures capable of resisting applied forces. The solutions which nature has developed are often quite complex, involving sophisticated material behaviour such as anisotropy, viscoelasticity and functional gradation. In this talk we will see that it is possible to study this behaviour using well known principles of mechanics, such as plastic bending and critical distance theory, provided these principles are suitably modified to take account of the circumstances. Examples given will include plant stems, insect exoskeletons and human bone. Lessons learnt from this work can be applied to the creation of new engineering solutions using the principles of biomimetics.


Sede legale: Via Alfonso Rendano 18,  00199 Roma

Sede operativa:  c/o Univesità degli Studi della Calabria, Via Pietro Bucci, 87036 Arcavacata, Rende CS

C. F.: 95104900246

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